Billie Turner

Billie Turner is an illustrator and artist whose work ranges from painting, drawing, whittling, textile work and photography and surrounds itself within the complicated orbiting worlds of sexuality and gender and the evolving meaning of both together and apart. Interested in expressing the body and the way it is shared, Billie’s recent work responds to her own binary and non binary views towards gender and relations between people and within oneself.

Billie’s currently experimenting with various styles and mediums through multiple projects, with recent exploration into expressing feminist discourse through large-scale painting using menstrual blood. Her black and white drawings are keen to respond to the way in which we as people relate to each other and ourselves, often warping perspective and proportion in order to emphasise a discomfort or confusion typical in identity and existential questioning. 

Billie is available to illustrate books, poetry and papers and is currently taking commissions. Please contact for further enquiry

Her work is also available to buy in the shop.